The Known The Unknown and What Happens Next? An FTI Brexit Bowl Breakfast with Sir Philip Lowe

Brexit split flags comprSir Philip Lowe addressed the theme of “Brexit: the knowns, the unknowns, and what happens next?” at the FTI Brexit Bowl Breakfast of 13 July 2016. One of the most important unknowns, namely who was to lead the UK out of the EU, is now known. Theresa May was elected as the new British Prime Minister on Wednesday, much sooner than expected. Her first important political decision was to radically reshuffle the Cabinet, not in the least by appointing Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and the veteran Eurosceptic David Davis as the new Secretary for Exiting the European Union. Nevertheless, there are still many risks and uncertainties around the process of disengagement of the UK from the Union, and the formation of a new UK/EU relationship.

This snapshot is a redacted version of Sir Philip’s speech in which he reviews Brexit key players, key issues and economic consequences and suggests what business should expect in the coming negotiations.

In addition, FTI Consulting has recently carried out a survey among 100 global institutional investors to gauge their views on, among others, the impact of Brexit on the UK, the EU and the global economy which you might find of interest.

Sir Philip Lowe is a Senior Advisor in the Strategic Communications team at FTI Consulting. He is based out of Brussels and London.


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