Shale Gas Hasn’t Gone Away

Shale RigEurope still needs pragmatic solutions to its critical energy challenges.

Europe’s Energy Union Strategy shapes the EU’s approach to climate and energy policy. Its intentions are clear:  to provide a framework to address an increasingly turbulent and rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape at a time when our own indigenous resources are declining.  In short, seeking to ensure we have a reliable, affordable and sustainable supply of energy at a time when we are becoming ever more reliant on foreign imports.

It may no longer be dominating media headlines and radio talk shows but shale gas continues to be a part of this equation. In the UK, Spain, Poland and Germany shale gas continues to be at the forefront of national policy discussions looking at how it could potentially be a part of each nation’s respective energy mix.

Why? Because we need it. Europe’s energy debate is still dominated by contradictory arguments seeking to balance need with price, security, competitiveness and a greener carbon free future. To get there we need pragmatic solutions built on consensus. Not blinkered dogma or unrealistic demands that fail to address the impact on industry, consumers and our own need for secure energy.

In this Energy Flash we look why shale gas will remain of the EU’s energy agenda in the longer term.

Marcus Pepperell is Managing Director and Mateusz Stankiewicz-Szynka is Senior-Consultant in FTI Consulting’s energy team in Brussels.

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