Halfway for the German Grand Coalition – A Rough ride Ahead for Angela Merkel?


Halfway through the current black-red grand coalition of Christian Democrats (CDU/CSU) and Social Democrats (SPD) the peaceful times are pretty much over. Things will definitely get rougher for Angela Merkel (CDU), with her leadership in managing the on-going refugee crisis in question, while the SPD leadership is under ever more pressure to find means out of their poor poll results. Public discussion on chancellor candidates has already started: Rumour has it that Angela Merkel may stand for another term, while the SPD is internally quarrelling over whether to have a candidate at all. In this snapshot FTI Consulting’s team in Berlin gives an overview of the main achievements of the German Government and looks ahead at the biggest challenges Angela Merkel has to tackle.

Martin Kothé is Managing Director and Caroline Ledosquet is Senior Director at FTI Consulting in Berlin.


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