Energy Union – On Track?

The Energy Union has had an impressive start, with 12 legislative proposals in 2016 alone the European Commission means business. However, publishing proposals is one thing, getting the legislation adopted by the European Parliament and Member States is a much harder challenge.

While the security of gas supply package was adopted relatively smoothly, it is much harder for the European Parliament and the Council to reach an agreement on the climate related legislation. The ambitious Clean Energy Package, that aims to overhaul the whole energy system including legislation on energy efficiency, renewable energy, the internal electricity market and the overall governance of the Energy Union is proving a hard nut to crack for the co-legislator, in view of the many controversial issues at stake. It remains to be seen whether the whole package can be adopted in its entirety as planned by the Commission.

Finally, after being overshadowed by energy and climate policies, transport is now at the center of attention. Due to the emission scandal the topic has become politically charged and there will be more difficult discussions ahead.

In this snapshot we look whether the Energy Union is on track and where we can expect roadblocks.

Arne Koeppel is Head of Research, Carlos Ochoa is Senior Director, Mateusz Stankiewicz-Szynka is Director and Ivan Pozgaj is Senior Consultant at FTI Consulting in Brussels.

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