Brexit Bowl – Views from European Capitals

brexit-scissorsMulti-tasking’s the name of the game for today’s European Union leaders. While Brexit might be one of the top issues for some EU officials, it’s by no means the only challenge requiring political attention, causing uncertainty and unpredictability amongst business across Europe and beyond. A new US President openly questioning the validity of their ‘project’, forthcoming Dutch, French and German elections that are becoming more unpredictable by the day, and umpteen political and policy challenges ranging from migration to terrorism are all top of mind. The fallout from the UK’s exit from the EU is not, therefore, the only plate that EU leaders must keep spinning.

Just weeks before UK Prime Minister Theresa May is due to trigger Article 50, this month’s Brexit Bowl from FTI Consulting takes a look at the state of play in Brussels and London where politicians are not only getting prepared for the negotiations but also for life after Brexit. We look at the implications of the recent Supreme Court ruling in the UK and ask what the new political leadership in the European Parliament will mean. Ahead of the crunch French elections, we also assess what the contenders for the presidency have been saying about the EU and Brexit. What is clear is that no candidate is publicly willing to give the UK an easy ride in the negotiations.

For those Prime Ministers and Presidents of Europe who wished for a peaceful start to the year, 2017 will so far have proved to have been a big disappointment.

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