Brexit – Article 50: The Final Countdown

The two year countdown to the UK’s exit from the EU has now begun. Prime Minister Theresa May today formally notified the European Council President of the United Kingdom’s intention to leave the European Union by invoking Article 50 of the EU Treaty. Notification means that formal exit negotiations between the UK and the EU can start. The talks will invariably be technical, difficult, prolonged and ultimately intensely political; businesses will need to closely follow the negotiations to assess their potential impact. The nature and scale of the impact on business is unprecedented and the process could affect jobs, growth and investment across every sector and every market.

To help you navigate Brexit we prepared this handy guide to what happens next and the key issues at play.

For more detailed information see this detailed background note on what Article 50 means and how the two year timetable will play out.

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Louise Harvey
Chair, FTI Consulting Brussels &  Head of FTI Consulting Brexit Taskforce
Strategic Communications, Brussels

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