Winter Package Is Coming

detail of electric equipment in mountain

detail of electric equipment in mountain

The 2016 Winter Package is the most important deliverable of the European Commission’s Energy Union project, contributing to all its dimensions: Energy security, integrated energy market, energy efficiency, decarbonisation and R&D and innovation. Its size (1000 pages of core text) is as impressive as its ambition. This package aims at nothing less than creating the framework for an energy system that is able to deliver the post COP21 energy transition and cope with the fundamental shifts in energy generation and consumption. Among the highlights of the so-called ‘Clean Energy Package’, the proposals aspire to deliver on the European Commission’s promise of putting the consumer at the heart of the European energy market as well as the move towards a system based on decentralised generation of renewable energy and a 30% binding energy efficiency target by 2030 at EU level.

In this Energy Flash we give an overview of the package and discuss the challenges ahead and the many controversies surrounding the Clean Energy Package.

Arne Koeppel is Head of Research, Constantine Levoyannis is Director, Ivan Pozgaj is Consultant and Mateusz Stankiewicz-Szynka is Senior Consultant in FTI Consulting’s energy team in Brussels.

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