• What’s Left on Europe’s Energy, Transport and Agriculture Agenda?

    As part of FTI Consulting Brussels’s #EU2019 election campaign, below is the latest overview from our #Energy, #Transport and #Agriculture team   Europe continues to lead the world on sustainability issues and the implementation of a circular economy. From 2019 marine litter and cleaning up plastic waste will be priorities, vying for attention on how to…

  • Cleaning Up Transport in Europe – The Commission’s CO2 standards

    The transportation sector is an essential economic driver, connecting businesses and people around the world. It is inextricably linked to many other sectors including energy, tech, digital and agriculture, to name a few. It is at the intersection of urban planning, logistics, infrastructure, and personal freedom. The car as we know it today is arguably…

  • The future of airport capacity in the UK

     The UK’s independent Airports Commission published on Wednesday 01 July its long-awaited and highly political report into the future of aviation capacity in the United Kingdom. In its Air Capacity Snapshot FTI Consulting looks into the political implications of the controversial question of London airport expansion.

  • The EU Emission Trading System

    The Emission Trading System (ETS) is at the centre of the EU’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and EU leaders agreed to change the system to reach a stated 40% GHG emissions reduction target. However in the ten years since its launch it has become clear that the ETS is not functioning properly…

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