• Another Danish Political Thriller?

    George Candon and Charlotte Norlund-Matthiessen reflect on the forthcoming Danish general election Remember Borgen? Centrist Birgitte Nyholm emerges the unexpected winner to take the premiership. While many Brussels insider Borgen fans will know that Birgitte Nyholm was a close portrayal of current Competition Commissioner and former leader of the centrist De Radikale party Margrethe Vestager,…

  • Can high-priced medicines constitute an abuse of a dominant position in the EU?

    The price of medicines has inevitably always been, and is likely to remain, a long-standing matter of contention between originator companies, governments and patients. It has however become more acute since the launch of some very innovative but very highly priced medicines in recent months, says FTI Consulting’s Darren Kinsella.   Never mind that these…

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