• Completing the Banking Union? Reducing the link between banks and sovereigns

    Yesterday the European Commission adopted a roadmap for a Eurozone-wide (re-)insurance scheme for bank deposits by 2024 and set out further measures to complete the Banking Union. The creation of a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) has already achieved a rather strong separation of banks from national control through pressure exerted by supervisors. In addition, the…

  • Greece: There’s No Such Thing As Miracles

    In an act of political brinkmanship during the early hours of Saturday 27 June, Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras unexpectedly announced that on Sunday 05 July Greece will hold a referendum on two proposals put forward by its creditors. On the one hand, this should come as no surprise: after all, even German Finance Minister…

  • Hans Hack speaks on Grexit and Its Potential Impact

    With a final decision pending on Grexit, Hans Hack, Head of Financial Services at FTI Consulting Brussels, speaks to European CEO on where Russia stands on the pay out and what this means for Greece’s relationship with the EU overall.

  • Tsipras Is Right Where He Wanted To Be

    On Thursday 18 June, yet another Eurogroup meeting ended in disappointment, as Greece and its international creditors failed to converge towards a deal that would boost confidence in international markets and end growing speculation that Greece is headed towards the notorious “Grexit” door. Considering that all previous crunch meetings with the SY.RIZ.A government went down…

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