Geert Wilders

  • Dutch Election Snapshot: Rutte Wins, Fragmentation Prevails

    There’s a saying in the Netherlands: “Act normal, that is crazy enough”. It seems that the Dutch who voted in yesterday’s general election felt the same way. The exciting election resulted in a record turnout (82%) and produced a clear winner: the VVD, party of current Prime Minister, Mark Rutte. Rutte’s right-of-centre VVD outperformed the…

  • BREXIT BOWL | The Final Countdown To Triggering Article 50

    It’s lining up to be a significant month for the European Union. The Dutch are holding their much-anticipated general election today with intense focus on the prospects of the far-right leader Geert Wilders. EU Presidents and Prime Ministers – apart from UK PM Theresa May – will gather in Rome on 25 March to celebrate…

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