FTI Consulting

  • Anatomy of a Crisis 2: Why do Markets Overreact to Profit Warnings?

    FTI Consulting’s ‘Anatomy of a Crisis’ series investigates the emerging trends in corporate crises, learning from the past to make predictions about the future. Our first research report, published in 2017, analysed 100 crises over the past 20 years to assess what patterns emerged.   Read more here: Anatomy of a Crisis 2: Why do Markets…

  • The FTI Resilience Barometer 2019

    FTI’s inaugural Resilience Barometer report highlights how G20 companies are managing in an interconnected, technologically disrupted an increasingly regulated world. This report shines a light on the key challenges they face as we continue into 2019. Read the report here: The FTI Resilience Barometer 2019

  • Our office is growing!

    It’s been an exciting start to the year here in Brussels with the addition of seven new team members to strengthen our Competition, Trade and Financial Services practices. The additions include senior professionals from within the European Commission including Massimo Baldinato, John Clancy, Kyra Obolensky and Roeland Van der Stappen as Senior Directors, Robrecht Vandormael…

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