• AVMSD – Take Two Please

    In some ways, Europe’s policy making industry is not far removed from Hollywood’s film studios: the long gestation period; the power play between the big cheeses; and for all the talk of block-busters, the conveyor belt often churns out a lower common denominator product which people wished had never seen the light of day. Many…

  • Is Manufacturing the Centrepiece for EU Economic Revival?

    Hans Hack, Head of Financial Services at FTI Consulting Brussels, speaks to World Finance about how manufacturing could stimulate economic revival in Europe. What needs to be done?  

  • Spanish Regional and Local Elections– From Streets to Seats

    Last Sunday’s regional and local elections in Spain has seen the incumbent PP given a thrashing and represented a major win for grassroots movements. Spain held regional elections in 13 of its 17 regions (Andalusia, Catalonia, Galicia, and the Basque Country have separate regional electoral cycles) and local elections in more than 8,000 towns and…

  • Super-Juncker or Junck-Man?

    It’s been a very lively year for the Juncker Commission and the final highlight came this week when the Commission Work Programme was presented this Tuesday.   Juncker has promised to do things very differently to previous Commissions, making the Work Programme highly anticipated. In the end, the withdrawal or rather delay of the air…

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