Super-Juncker or Junck-Man?


SuperJuncker, as seen by Olivier Jaminon (Luxemburger Wort)

It’s been a very lively year for the Juncker Commission and the final highlight came this week when the Commission Work Programme was presented this Tuesday.

Juncker has promised to do things very differently to previous Commissions, making the Work Programme highly anticipated. In the end, the withdrawal or rather delay of the air quality legislation and the waste package made the biggest headlines and drew strong criticism from parts of the European Parliament and NGOs. Juncker has however made a significant reduction in the number of initiatives even though there will be more proposals than the 23 mentioned in the Work Programme. Since the presentation of his political guidelines, Juncker has stayed true to his main objective to address the Economic and institutional crisis, which is reflected in the way he has structured the Commission and now presented in his Work Programme.
In our snapshot on the 2015 Work Programme we analyse some of the initiatives and argue that the Juncker Commission is off to a good start. However, the hardest part of putting his ideas into practice will start in the New Year. Only then will Juncker manage to regain citizen’s trust in the EU.
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