Spanish General Elections – Political Deadlock Remains

spanish flag comprAfter six months of political deadlock, Spaniards headed to the polls on Sunday 26 June for an unprecedented repetition of the general elections. The truth is that little has changed since the December ballot that left the country without an elected government. The conservative Partido Popular (PP) has won most votes and increased the number of seats (137 vs 123 last December) but falls short of an overall majority, while the Socialists (PSOE) managed to hold on to the silver medal (85 down from 90). Meanwhile the two newcomers, left-wing coalition Unidos Podemos and centrist Ciudadanos suffered important setbacks.

In this snapshot we analyse the outcome and look what the consequences will be on critical aspects of Spanish and EU politics.

Sergio Velez is Senior Managing Director in FTI Consulting Madrid,  Pablo Lopez-Alvarez is Managing Director and Andrea Barona Valladolid is Consultant at FTI Consulting Brussels.

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