Media Matters – The Role of Media in European Competition Cases

comp and media comprDG Competition is the executive arm of the European Commission responsible for overseeing mergers, cartels and State Aid within the EU, the world’s largest single trading bloc. This makes its Commissioner one of the few in Brussels who has real power across the Union and at Member State level. Its current incumbent, Margrethe Vestager, has clearly stated that decisions are not taken in a vacuum. While competition law defines the framework, in reality a decision will be influenced by a multitude of different factors. The media has an important role to play.

In this snapshot FTI Consulting’s competition team outlines how the media can influence not only the competition case itself but also other important issues such as financial markets and the company’s reputation.

Marcus Pepperell is Managing Director and John Clancy Senior Director in FTI Consulting’s corporate reputation practice. Florence Hugenholtz is Consultant in FTI Consulting’s competition team.

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