Is Europe Wasting a Good Crisis?

Energy is without doubt one of the hot topics on the Brussels political agenda right now. And the debate has stretched far beyond energy policy in the traditional sense of this term. A range of businesses outside the energy sector have been impacted by growing energy costs; investment decisions have been affected by ongoing uncertainty and forward expectations are mixed amid changing guards in the EU institutions.

But where will Europe and its energy policy go from here? With a security crisis in Ukraine, is there appetite for change?

Ivana Jemelkova,  reflects on some of the key points raised during a recent EU Briefing on Energy at AmCham Belgium. In the full write up here, we explore the role of the environment as a policy driver, ways to unleash the potential of energy efficiency as the economy’s hidden fuel and the challenges resulting from fragmentation of policy frameworks, especially for renewables.

With new EU leadership coming in this autumn, participants agreed there is clearly an excellent opportunity for a new policy ambition, which Europe should not let go to waste.

Ivana Jemelkova is a Director at FTI Consulting Brussels

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