Flexible Thresholds for European Merger Control…And More?

merger control jigsawSir Philip Lowe hosted the breakfast round-table that FTI Consulting organised in Brussels on 13 September 2016 with the theme “Flexible Thresholds for European Merger Control…and more?”. We were privileged to be joined for the discussion by Carles Esteva Mosso, Deputy Director-General for Mergers at the European Commission who provided us with his insights. A 12 week consultation is to be opened in September to seek views on whether the EC’s current EU merger rules need to be revised. Could this be the project for the second half of the mandate of Commissioner Margrethe Vestager?

In this snapshot, Sir Philip Lowe reviews the EU merger control which “faces similar challenges to European fisheries policy: how to control the size and pattern of nets to ensure that the fish you want to catch are in the net and that others are not.” The real challenge is to incorporate issues ranging from measuring the impact of a deal on competition by factors other than turnover to the simplification of the merger review process and the referrals from and to the National Competition Authorities, into the currently successful and robust EU merger control regime.

Sir Philip Lowe is a Senior Advisor in the Strategic Communications team at FTI Consulting.

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