Dutch EU Presidency: The stars aligned?

Dutch EU compressedThe upcoming Dutch Council Presidency in the first half of 2016 will handle many important dossiers, ranging from the Circular Economy, to the reform of the Emission Trading System, the Copyright Directive, the Capital Markets Union and many more. In addition the Dutch are taking the helm of the Council while the EU faces tough challenges such as the immigration crisis, the potential of a Brexit, with a referendum likely in summer 2016 and the general rise of Euroscepticism. We think that many factors speak in favour of a successful Dutch Presidency. Not only have they long experience in handling Council Presidencies but also Dutch officials are currently holding very important positions in the EU.  In this snapshot we are taking a closer look at the upcoming Presidency and analyse what it could mean for business.

Arne Koeppel is Head of Research at FTI Consulting in Brussels and Kevin Zuidhof is Managing Director of IvCB in The Hague.

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