• Charles Michel To Lead New Belgian Federal Government

    Belgium has a new federal government agreement. The future ruling coalition concluded a 28-hour marathon talk to settle the budget and come to a governmental agreement five months after the federal elections.

  • Is Europe Wasting a Good Crisis?

    Energy is without doubt one of the hot topics on the Brussels political agenda right now. And the debate has stretched far beyond energy policy in the traditional sense of this term. A range of businesses outside the energy sector have been impacted by growing energy costs; investment decisions have been affected by ongoing uncertainty…

  • Hans Hack discusses challenges facing new Commission on World News Media

    The new European Commission is in the process of being formed. In this video, Hans Hack, Managing Director and Head of Financial Services at FTI Consulting Brussels together with Nick Jeffrey, Director Public Policy at Grant Thornton International, discuss some of the challenges the new Commission will face, in an interview with World News Media’s…

  • What is our true power to influence opinion online?

    Are we all truly awake to the implications of tritely recommending to clients social media campaigns as a way to ‘engage’, ‘influence the debate’ or indeed ‘change minds’? While the ability to create engaged online communities is a fantastic communications tool, we need to be alive to one of the more fascinating contradictions of social…

  • A Social Divide in the City II

    Earlier this year FTI’s Digital team produced a report, a Social Divide in the City, which showed that only 52 of the FTSE 100 companies were using Twitter to share their financial results. 

  • Angela is on the ball – but not because of the Weltmeisters

    “Tor!!!!” I jump up, throw my arms into the air and yell at the top of my lungs. “Toooor!!!!!!”. Mario Götze has just ended my earthly sufferings, 1:0 to Germany, maximum heart rate, then the match is over, Germany is World Champion, I come to my senses, sit down, what is wrong with me??!! Twenty-four…

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