• A Flagship in the Cloud

    The Commission recently launched a European Cloud Initiative. Many of you reading this may be aware of previous Commission-led efforts in this area; this blog aims to shed light. In 2012 the Commission launched a cloud computing strategy to enable and facilitate “faster adoption of cloud computing throughout all sectors of the economy”. Work streams…

  • Is manufacturing the centrepiece for EU economic revival?

    Hans Hack, Head of Financial Services at FTI Consulting Brussels, speaks to World Finance about how manufacturing could stimulate economic revival in Europe. What needs to be done?  

  • Florange law one year on: French companies’ response

    The ‘Florange law’ was designed to reclaim the real economy in an attempt to shore up France’s  interests against hostile takeovers. However it has been circumvented by many French companies and has somewhat annoyed investors. Between the state’s objective to prevent hostile bidding and the reality of the M&A market in France, is this law…

  • Shaping the Capital Markets Union

    To date the market for bonds, stocks and derivatives remains highly fragmented along national borders. Barriers to a genuine European capital market range from the high administrative cost to access capital markets and national limitations to what assets pension funds can invest in, to the general lack of trust of retail investors in financial markets…

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