European Elections

  • Awaken thee, Romanian!

    “Awaken thee, Romanian!” the Romanian national anthem rallies its citizens from their slumber, to “now, or never, make a new fate” for themselves. Well it seems that Romanians around the world are very much awake and restive after the first round of voting in the presidential elections on Sunday 02 November. This was a campaign…

  • You’re invited! Political communications in a digital age: challenges and opportunities

    The potential of digital media in political campaigning has certainly been attested to, but the possibilities and power of digital campaigning are not always that well understood or exploited, whether by politicians seeking to engage the electorate, or stakeholders seeking to engage political movers and shakers. But don’t just take our word for it. Highlighting…

  • European Parliament Committees: Winners and Losers

    The new European Parliament has finalised its structure by electing the chairs of its 20 standing committees, where most of legislative work takes place. The parliament has already demonstrated its increased status by successfully imposing on Member States its choice for European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker.

  • The populist parliamentary puzzle

    Ben Zaczek on the great unknown that is the make-up of the next European Parliament

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