• Awaken thee, Romanian!

    “Awaken thee, Romanian!” the Romanian national anthem rallies its citizens from their slumber, to “now, or never, make a new fate” for themselves. Well it seems that Romanians around the world are very much awake and restive after the first round of voting in the presidential elections on Sunday 02 November. This was a campaign…

  • A €300 billion Investment Plan for Europe

    When he outlined the political priorities of the incoming European Commission in July 2014, President Juncker stated that his first priority as Commission President would be the strengthening of Europe’s competitiveness and the stimulation of investment for the purpose of job creation. Within the first three months of his mandate and in the context of…

  • Energy Flash – The 2030 Energy & Climate Framework

    On 22 October European leaders reached an agreement on the 2030 Energy and Climate Framework.

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