Digital Communications

  • EU-US digital relations

    How to define the digital transatlantic relations between the EU and the US? Having attended the AmCham EU 2nd Annual Transatlantic Conference last week, it was refreshing to see that cooperation and trust remain the key priorities in a relationship which has sometimes been tense. As often seen in these conferences, the panel really got…

  • Political communications in a digital age – a wrap up from our expert breakfast meeting

    This morning FTI Consulting Brussels’ Digital Strategy team hosted a breakfast meeting on “political communications in a digital age”, a topic which resonates massively with Brussels beltway stakeholders, to judge by the turnout. More than 40 people attended from across the EU institutions, business, industry & trade associations, chambers of commerce, NGOs and national permanent…

  • You’re invited! Political communications in a digital age: challenges and opportunities

    The potential of digital media in political campaigning has certainly been attested to, but the possibilities and power of digital campaigning are not always that well understood or exploited, whether by politicians seeking to engage the electorate, or stakeholders seeking to engage political movers and shakers. But don’t just take our word for it. Highlighting…

  • Where next for the UK?

    So it’s all over and business as usual. Or not. While Scotland will remain one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom, the political landscape within the UK has changed utterly. The Scottish independence referendum – or ‘indeyref’ – has ushered in a long-overdue rethinking of the overall British constitutional arrangement.

  • What is our true power to influence opinion online?

    Are we all truly awake to the implications of tritely recommending to clients social media campaigns as a way to ‘engage’, ‘influence the debate’ or indeed ‘change minds’? While the ability to create engaged online communities is a fantastic communications tool, we need to be alive to one of the more fascinating contradictions of social…

  • A Social Divide in the City II

    Earlier this year FTI’s Digital team produced a report, a Social Divide in the City, which showed that only 52 of the FTSE 100 companies were using Twitter to share their financial results. 

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