Brexit’s Impact on R&D Funding

Brexit RDThe UK is a global leader in R&D and benefits more from EU research funding than any other EU country – receiving €1bn annually. It is also home to many top researchers from other EU countries who are invaluable to maintaining the quality of UK universities. Business also benefits from such expertise and the funds the EU provides, in areas such as space, biotechnology and transport.

Brexit, however, puts this into question. While the UK Government has vowed to step in and provide financing for all research projects after the UK has left the EU, uncertainty remains, in particular for those EU scientists working in the UK. This is but one of the issues politicians need to address in the upcoming Brexit negotiations.

In this snapshot, we explore how Brexit will impact both the UK’s and Europe’s approach to research and what this could mean for business, universities, scientists and students.

Arne Koeppel is Head of Research at FTI Consulting in Brussels.

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