Brexit Perspective – Deal or No Deal?

The first substantial week of negotiations between the UK and the EU on Brexit concluded today. But is anyone any clearer as to whether a deal can be reached, and what the details of such an agreement would look like? Most people would answer with a ‘no’.

Deal, no deal or what kind of deal? These are fundamental questions, and as the Brexit process unfolds, there is a growing realisation of the enormity of the task at hand. A bit like peeling an onion; remove one layer only to find another one waiting underneath revealing yet another layer of complexity.

Given the wide range of policy issues to be settled, the incredibly tight timescale, and the political uncertainty in the UK, prospects of a successful outcome are far from certain.

While politicians and officials got down to the details of negotiations this week, businesses are increasingly grappling with their own response to such an unprecedented scenario, and the impact on their business and investment plans.

Brexit has now hit the boardroom, and given the vacuum of information about the future regulatory environment in Europe, corporations are increasingly taking no-regret decisions to help future proof their business.

At the end of the first substantive week of negotiations our teams provide a new Brexit Perspective from Brussels and London.

Marcus Pepperell, Managing Director at FTI Consulting in Brussels Fiona Holroyde, Managing Director at FTI Consulting in London Aled Williams, Senior Director at FTI Consulting in Brussels

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