Brexit & Broadcasting – The UK’S Role As A European Hub

brexit_coo_ig_v4The Audio Visual Media Services Directive – AVMSD – has been the cornerstone of EU television broadcasting since its introduction in 1989 (as the Television Without Frontiers Directive).

AVMSD established the Country of Origin (COO) principle, enabling providers to broadcast across the whole of the EU once they have established themselves in one MS – helping to expand consumer choice, bolster media plurality and enhance cultural diversity – while boosting the UK’s creative sectors.

The European Commission’s revised proposal, from 2016, aims to reflect the emergence of new providers, including Video-on-Demand – while keeping the COO principle intact.

But uncertainty surrounding Brexit could undermine the benefits of AVMSD for UK-based providers. No longer under the scope of AVMSD, providers may be forced to relocate – creating uncertainty and undermining jobs, investment and creativity.

This info-graphic illustrates the importance of AVMSD to UK-based providers – and why they should voice their concerns to ensure COO is preserved.

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