Brexit Bowl – Views from China

July is usually when the thoughts of politicians and officials from across Europe begin to turn to sun, sea and sangria, and dreams about strengthening the Union (the European Union) are put on the back burner for a month or two. But for the Brexit negotiators holed up on both sides of the Channel, there will be no respite this summer. They have started on a long and arduous journey involving intensive monthly rounds of negotiations, and will have to resolve a wide range of technical and political issues. The issue of citizenship is an early challenge which we focus on.

In this month’s Brexit Bowl, we also provide an alternative perspective on Brexit, with a contribution from our Asia team outlining how the UK’s exit from the EU is impacting China, particularly on Chinese inward investments. Prospects for future trade deals and for Europe’s role as an international hub for Renminbi transactions are also considered.

Finally, the update from London looks at the impact of the unexpected election outcome, and makes clear that the political fallout of the result will not only be domestic in scope. There are direct implications for the Brexit negotiations, particularly with regards to increased uncertainty as to the kind of Brexit deal that the UK Government is seeking, and closely linked to this, the political support the Conservative government can rely on in Parliament for votes on Brexit legislation.

FTI Consulting Brexit Bowl will return in September.

Louise Harvey, Chair, FTI Consulting Brussels & Head of FTI Consulting Brexit Taskforce

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