Brexit Bowl – views from Brussels, London and Berlin

When it comes to Brexit, clarity and certainty for business is a distant prospect.
The reading of the tea leaves had been clear for weeks. October was not going to be the moment when Brexit talks would progress to their next stage.

Last week’s Brussels European Council – the regular summit of EU leaders – failed to decisively move the Brexit process on. While leaders of the 27 EU Member State governments gave some ground – and some optimism – to the UK by kicking off preparatory work on a future trade deal and transition period, plenty of political and technical work remains. Negotiations on the details of the UK’s exit agreement will therefore continue over the coming weeks, ahead of another assessment of progress at December’s European Council.

In this month’s Brexit Bowl, we hear from our colleagues in Germany, on how Brexit is playing out in a country focused on the development of its new coalition government. We also take our regular look at developments in London and Brussels and ask what will happen next.

Now for a sales pitch. Do you know how Brexit could impact your business? The only constant for now is the lack of any certainty as to how the Brexit process may unfold. But time is running out when Boards can hide behind the negotiation process.

CEOs need answers for shareholders and investors. Business plans require action, staff need clarity and decisions need to be made on how best to prepare for what remains an unpredictable future. So this month we have also included our Brexit Executive – our suite of strategic communications services designed to support corporate business throughout this process. Business needs intelligence to inform their decisions and guidance on how to communicate. That’s where we can help.

Hans Hack is Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting in Brussels, Fiona Holroyde is Managing Director at FTI Consulting in London and Caroline Ledosquet is Senior Director at FTI Consulting in Berlin.

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