Brexit Bowl – Christmas Edition

brexit-cuttingThe political hangovers of 2016 are sure to last longer than this year’s Christmas party season. Reality will soon take over.

Our Christmas ‘Brexit Bowl’ brings you the latest from the UK and Brussels, and also from across the Atlantic, courtesy of FTI Consulting’s geopolitical intelligence team.

Washington, Brussels and London have become scenes of political upheaval, bringing with it economic and investor uncertainty, justifiably causing concern to corporates around the globe.

As we look forward to 2017, we can pinpoint three takeaways:

1. The holiday season might be upon us, but this is no time for relaxing. With Brexit talks soon to start in earnest, business must be ready to hit the ground running in January, having assessed their exposure to Brexit and developed their strategy to protect their interests.

2. 2016 was the year when political upheaval and shock kept on giving. 2017 will continue the theme with big ticket national elections across Europe and President-elect Trump taking office. For business, this means keeping fingers firmly on the political pulse.

3. The start of formal Brexit negotiations will not provide the expected clarity that is demanded; a fog of misinformation will swirl around. It is fundamentally important for companies with ‘skin in the game’ of Brexit to get behind the spin, and understand the true dynamics at play.

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