Agriculture & Chemicals in 2018: A Mixed Bag of New Policies

Still in its infancy, 2018 is already gearing up to be an action-packed year for the agri-chem sector, from changing farm policies to the all-encompassing Brexit. To ensure that we have captured these developments and to reflect the evolving nature of FTI Brussels’ own agri-chem practice, this year’s snapshot will be broader than those of years past, adding an outlook for the general chemicals sector. Environmental sustainability is still at the top of everybody’s mind with the Circular Economy and  CAP reform as the primary issues, which we discuss below. But other questions remain, including about the role of regulators in Brussels.

Here you will find our take on the coming year, which issues to follow and why these have the potential to provide the greatest opportunities and challenges alike for companies operating in this sector. Companies in the agri-chem sector will face sustained pressure from regulators as well as civil society to innovate – think bio-based products – but the revamp can not only focus on products. Companies should strive to be a part of the debate with consumers, using interactive communication tools to ensure that they engage in a real dialogue and not a monologue. However, the challenge will always be how to engage with those who are fundamentally opposed to the sector as a whole; a challenge which requires bespoke solutions for each company to assure that they reflect the company culture. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and your take to the year ahead. We welcome your feedback and are happy to discuss any of the mentioned or other key affecting your business operations.

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