March 2019

  • The Race is on for Autonomous Vehicles

    Automated vehicles will be one of the big issues the EU will be addressing further, once the new Commission takes office in November. For industry, the time to position itself is now. The shaping of both national and international legislation has started.  Getting involved sooner rather than later will give companies a head-start over their…

  • The Good, the Bad and Sustainable Finance

    The latest updates from the team at FTI Consulting Brussels Giving you insight into what is on the EU agenda   In 2018 sustainable finance was one of the big buzzwords coming out of Brussels in terms of new European policy. The EU’s Sustainable Finance Package published last May was a global first, providing a…

  • Anatomy of a Crisis 2: Why do Markets Overreact to Profit Warnings?

    FTI Consulting’s ‘Anatomy of a Crisis’ series investigates the emerging trends in corporate crises, learning from the past to make predictions about the future. Our first research report, published in 2017, analysed 100 crises over the past 20 years to assess what patterns emerged.   Read more here: Anatomy of a Crisis 2: Why do Markets…

  • The FTI Resilience Barometer 2019

    FTI’s inaugural Resilience Barometer report highlights how G20 companies are managing in an interconnected, technologically disrupted an increasingly regulated world. This report shines a light on the key challenges they face as we continue into 2019. Read the report here: The FTI Resilience Barometer 2019

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