September 2014

  • Where next for the UK?

    So it’s all over and business as usual. Or not. While Scotland will remain one of the four constituent nations of the United Kingdom, the political landscape within the UK has changed utterly. The Scottish independence referendum – or ‘indeyref’ – has ushered in a long-overdue rethinking of the overall British constitutional arrangement.

  • Sweden, democrats and Swedish Democrats

    Last Sunday, six million Swedes turned out to vote in the general elections. The Scandinavians have been good for surprises in the past years: after the elections of 2010 that saw the centre-right returned to power – for the first consecutive time in a century and unheard of in this bastion of social welfare traditionally…

  • Juncker shakes up the Commission

    Last week, the next European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, unveiled his new team of 27 Commissioners and their portfolios. Juncker presented a strong line-up with many new faces including former Prime Ministers, experienced Ministers and nine female Commissioners, aligned to his promise #10ormore. In light of this, we take a closer look at the allocation…

  • Is Europe Wasting a Good Crisis?

    Energy is without doubt one of the hot topics on the Brussels political agenda right now. And the debate has stretched far beyond energy policy in the traditional sense of this term. A range of businesses outside the energy sector have been impacted by growing energy costs; investment decisions have been affected by ongoing uncertainty…

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